Curriculum Vitæ

Research Interests

  • Organic Cosmochemistry, interpretation of extraterrestrial molecular features.
  • Mixture Complexity, natural organization emerging at super-atomic scale.
  • High Resolution Mass spectrometry, analytical method of choice for topics above.
  • Orbitrap data analysis, development of exploration and statistical tool: ATTRIBUTOR.

Academic records & Education

Partnerships and funding

  • 2014: Collaborator to NASA-funded project “Isotopic and Structural Studies of Stardust from Supernovae” with Frank Gyngard as principal investigator.
  • 2012: Collaborator to NASA-funded project “Correlated studies of isotopes, chronologies and microstructures of stardust SiC grains” with Frank Gyngard as principal investigator.

Lectures and mentoring

Lectures of the IUT Mesure Physique national academic curriculum:

  • 2016- now: Atomic and Molecular Structure problem-based learning course, 1st year, under Elodie Bidal responsability.
  • 2014- now: Head of Chemical Analysis and Separation Processes course, 2nd year.
    Responsible of 2 Gas Chromatography machines for practicals.
    8 hours course, 12 hours tutorials, 8 hours practicals.
  • 2014- now: Scientific writing tutorials, 1st year, under Céline Dalla-Costa responsability.
    3 hours tutorials, 4 to 10 hours practicals.
  • 2013- now: Analytical Chemistry practicals, 1st year, under Elodie Bidal responsability.
    ~32 hours practicals.
  • 2014, 2016: Spectroscopy practicals, 2nd year, under Dominique Eloy responsability.
  • 2013- now: Supervisor, assessing 10 weeks internships.
    6 students per years.

Students mentoring and other lectures:

  • 2011- now: Advisor or co-advisor for degree-related internships.
    • 5 students for the DUT Mesure Physique in Grenoble. 10 weeks each.
    • 2 students from Earth Science L3 in ENS de Lyon. 8 weeks each.
    • 5 students from several Earth Science L3 and L2. 6 weeks each.
  • 2011- now: Attributor tutorials and demonstrations for graduate students and above.
    1, 2 or 3 weeks of course, turorials and practicals.

    • Laurette Piani, lecturer at Hokkaido University.
    • Laura Selliez, PhD student at LPC2E in Orleans, under Christelle Briois and Nathalie Carrasco supervision.
    • Aurélien Fresneau, PhD student at PIIM in Marseille, under Grégoire Danger supervision.
    • Yuki Isono, Master student at Hokkaido University, under Shogo Tachibana supervision.
    • Guillaume Salque-Moreton, PhD at LGGE in Grenoble, under Didier Voisin supervision.
  • 2009-2010: Earth Science L3 tutorials.
    16 hours tutorials.



  • 2013- now: Elected researcher representative in the IPAG board.
  • 2014-2016: Substitute member of the PhD students Survey Group.
  • 2007: Elected student representative in the ENS de Lyon board of directors.
  • Ever eager to take picture.